Eton E10 Shortwave Radio

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Lightly used and in excellent condition, with manual, AC adapter, and carry case but no original box or batteries.

If you're ready for the ultimate in portable radio technology, the E10 from Etón delivers. Part of Etón's Elite series of digital world radios, it features 550 programmable memories, manual and auto scan, precision tuning, and alarm clock features. It's the ideal way to listen to news, sports, and music from around the world. The E10 even allows internal recharging of its Ni-MH batteries (charger and batteries included).

Design and Controls Weighing in at just a hair over one pound, the E10's sleek, modern cabinet is 7.5 inches across and just 1.5 inches deep. A built-in antenna on the top of the device handles AM, FM and shortwave reception. The front of the unit features a large LCD display that clearly shows all the radio's modes and selected functions. An evenly lit backlight enables display viewing under all lighting conditions, and the LCD's calibrated signal meter gives you a clear view of signal strength. A keypad below the screen allows illustrious shortwave listeners to directly enter their shortwave band of choice, giving instant access to known broadcasts. There's also a stereo/mono selector, a rotary volume control, and a rotary shortwave antenna trimmer.

Tuning options abound; you can choose from a digital tuning knob with a frequency lock and fast or slow settings, the aforementioned direct keypad frequency entry method, or automatic scan tuning. And when you have your station locked in, you can tweak the sound quality with a high and low tone control. And for AM and FM stations, there's even an automatic tuning system that enters receivable stations into the radio's memory so you can browse them later.

Tuning and Bands The E10 is designed to receive shortwave, AM, AM medium wave, and FM signals. FM reception is robust, with tuning available in the 87-108 MHz ranges. shortwave signals can be received in the 1711 to 29999 range. A 9/10KHz step selector is provided for medium wave reception, as is a 1/5KHz step for the display of shortwave. Plus, there's a shortwave intermediate set feature that shifts the intermediate frequency to minimize interference during shortwave reception. While you make your broadcast discoveries, you can add them to the E1XM's programmable memory, which features 550 frequency entries, and a memory scan function lets you quickly browse your programmed entries.

Connections and Power In addition to an external antenna jack for boosting signal levels, the E10 sports a headphone jack for private listening. The unit can be powered with the included AC adapter, four "AA" batteries, or via the built-in rechargeable battery.

Extras The E10's digital clock can be set to display in 12 or 24 hour format. It also lets you wake up to your favorite station, while a sleep timer automatically shuts the radio off after a preset interval so you can drift off to sleep to the sound of the radio.

What's in the Box E10 radio, earphones, carrying case, retractable antenna, AC adapter/charger, and owner's manual.

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